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Six Punters Looking For A 100-1 Ashes Collect In Sydney | Sports Betting Online

Six Punters Looking For A 100-1 Ashes Collect In Sydney

Six punters with online bookmaker Sportsbet Australia are in line for a cracking start to 2014 should the Aussie cricket team continue on their winning ways and beat the Poms in this week’s 5th Ashes Test.

Prior to the previous Ashes series getting underway in England earlier this year, Sportsbet was offering markets on the combined series result of that series and the current one.

With the Poms winning 3-0 on home soil, the six punters who backed Australia to win 5-3 are one Test victory from a tidy collect.

One punter in particular stands to turn a $5.00 bet into a tidy $505 collect after taking the $101 odds that were on offer.

“These punters must have some type of crystal ball or something. Did anyone think our boys could win this series 5-0? If it comes off, it’s some very impressive punting,” Sportsbet’s Ben Hawes said.

“Ten punters also backed Australia 4-3 so they’ll no doubt have mixed emotions ahead of the Sydney Test.”

The most popular option in the market was the Poms claiming a 10-zip whitewash, followed by England 8-0 and 9-0. The best backed option with Australia winning was 6-2.

The Aussies are into $1.68 to win the Sydney Test and have attracted almost seven times the money to the Poms, who are $4.50 outsiders. Sportsbet Australia will refund punters their match bet on the Test if it ends before the fifth day.

5th Ashes Test winner

$1.68   Australia

$4.00   Draw

$4.50   England


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