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Punters Plunge On New Zealand To Win Nines | Sports Betting Online

Punters Plunge On New Zealand To Win Nines

The odds of New Zealand winning this weekend’s Auckland Nines have been slashed from $6 into $4.25 at Sportingbet after a string of big wagers for the homeside.


A bet of $20,000 and another of $15,000 are among the high-volume of wagers for New Zealand to win the inaugural tournament.


“They’ve been by far and away the best backed team and they are our worst way by a long way,” Sportingbet’s Andrew Brown said.


New Zealand are favourites in front of Gold Coast ($11 into $8), Penrith ($11 into $8), Cronulla ($17 into $9) and Newcastle ($17 into $9).


Auckland Nines  Tournament winner

Sportingbet market

New Zealand 9s                $4.25

Gold Coast 9s                     $8

Penrith 9s                            $8

Cronulla 9s                         $9

Newcastle 9s                     $9

Brisbane 9s                         $11

St George 9s                      $11

Manly 9s                              $17

North Qld 9s                       $17

Parramatta 9s                    $17

Wests 9s                              $21

Sydney 9s                            $26

South Sydney 9s               $34

Melbourne 9s                    $41

Canberra 9s                        $51

Canterbury 9s                    $51


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