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Punters Can't Split Pop Culture & Black Tycoon In Perth Cup | Sports Betting Online

Punters Can’t Split Pop Culture & Black Tycoon In Perth Cup

Punters with online bookmaker Sportsbet Australia are split on who they think will take out tomorrow’s Perth Cup at Ascot with a host of runners attracting backing in the last 24 hours.

Pop Culture and Black Tycoon both remain joint favourites but have each eased out to $5.50. The two key runners to have firmed are Rohan, who’s into $6.00 from $6.50, and Marden, who’s moved from $11 into $9.50.

Knightlike and Kincalpe, both with solid punter support, remain steady at $7.00 and $9.00 respectively. Operational has also been a big mover, into $21 from $41.

“Before the barrier draw, the money was all for Kincaple but now there’s been steady backing for all of the top six hopes, with Marden having its head out in front,” Sportsbet’s Ben Hawes said.

Sportsbet will refund punters their bet on the Perth Cup if their selection finishes 2nd.


Perth Cup

(prices in brackets from 30 December)
$5.50   Pop Culture                (out from $5.00)        

$5.50   Black Tycoon              (out from $5.00)              

$6.00   Rohan                          (in from $6.50)                          
$7.00   Knightlike                    (steady)                  

$9.00   Kincaple                      (steady)
$9.50   Marden                       (in from $11)
$14      Keepers Court             (out from $13)
$21      Operational                 (in from $41)

$26      Daneclicked                (steady)
$26      Cyber Crime                (steady)
$26      Global Flirt                  (in from $31)
$26      Starlight Lady              (in from $41)
$41      Moonlight Bay            (out from $31)
$41      Ask Me Nicely             (in from $51)
$51      Talent Show                (out from $31)

$51      Malaika                       (steady)
$61      Moreish                       (out from $41)
$51      God Has Spoken          (out from $41)
$101    Jim N Jim                     (steady)
$151    Doutable                     (out from $101)


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