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$10,000 ON BARACK OBAMA | Sports Betting Online


A punter with online bookmaker thinks Barack Obama will be re-elected when the US go to the polls in November after wagering $10,000 on the incumbent.


The punter placed a bet of $5,000 on Obama at the odds of $1.57 before wagering another $5,000 shortly after Obama had drifted out to $1.80.


Obama, who has now attracted three times the money compared to his biggest rival Mitt Romney ($2.60), has firmed into $1.45 to win the election.


“On top of the two $5,000 bets, we’ve seen wagers of $3,000, $2,000 and several of $1,000 on Obama to win,”’s Ben Hawes said.


“It seems the consensus amongst the punters is that he will hold off Mitt Romney and be back for his second and final term.”

Markets courtesy of

US Election winning candidate

$1.45 Barack Obama

$2.60 Mitt Romney

$34 Ron Paul

$81 Hilary Clinton

$101 Jeb Bush


US Election winning party
$1.45 Democrats

$2.60 Republicans
$41 Any other

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